Rhapsody Chorus

Rhapsody Chorus is a group of enthusiastic singers who meet in Peterborough to harmonise together. Members pride themselves on the high level of vocal skills they develop, the lifelong friendships they make and the support they offer each other.

There are 4 parts to choose from. The music team ensures all members sing in a section which is appropriate to the individual's voice.

Unlike many other types of choral singing, the melody is not sung by the top voices. The Leads take the melody. The range for singers is C above Middle C down to A below Middle C.

This is the lowest harmony line and is the driving force of the chorus. The range may extend as low as Eb below Middle C.

This line is sung above the melody line.

The notes are in much the same range as the Lead Section. And they move around above and below the lead melody line.

We encourage Quartet singing in our Chorus.

How are the songs learned?

The music is taught with the aid of professionally produced learning tracks and sheet music. All this is provided by the chorus. Most of the members do not sight read music. Leaders from the chorus music team are appointed to help every section member. Members can, therefore, learn at their own pace outside rehearsals. Weekly rehearsals are used to put all 4 parts together and develop the sound, expression and performance across the chorus.

Members learn the high-level skill of singing their own part when standing alongside others who will be singing a different part and then creating the LOCK and RING, which makes the Barbershop Sound so very special.

If someone has a special learning need requirement, we would be happy to discuss it with them to see if, or how, we might be able to accommodate their need.


More education and development information can be found by logging into the Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers website: https://www.labbs.org.uk/

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