All our rehearsals are open to the public and to potential new members, so why not pay us a visit.

We meet every Tuesday at 7.15 pm.  Rehearsals begin with a physical warm up, followed by a vocal warm up. You would be most welcome to stand with us and take part.

Reading music is not a requirement, though it does help.  The main criteria is to be able to sing in tune.  If you decide you are interested in joining us, a voice test will be carried out on your first visit, to establish your range.  You will be asked to learn a song in your part. After 4 weeks you will be required to audition. The audition process involves singing  your part along with 3 or 4 other members of the chorus. You will be allocated a 'buddy' to support you throughout the process.

NB: There will be a £5.00 charge (payable in cash) for rehearsals after your first two visits until you begin to pay monthly subscriptions.

See our 'Contact Us' details below if you want more information.